Our experience, competence and performance level in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics and technical supplies have been carrying the name 

Armaturen Proksch GmbH

for 30 years now. We are component and system supplier for mechanical engineering, plant engineering and vehicle construction.

About us

Our strength is the personified responsibility for challenging customer projects and all connected requirements. Creativity, commitment to success and loyalty characterise not only the corporate internal relationship, but are also essential elements in the relationship with our customers. Common success is the measure we measure ourselves in.

Together with our customer we develop solutions to design projects in an efficient and innovative manner. Service orientation determines our thinking and acting here and is the nature of our activities. State-of-the-art technology in CAD development, kanban system and consignment stock are only a few services on offer to optimally implement your individual requirements. We reliably offer expert advice since service is our most important connection to our customers.

Mission statement

Armaturen Proksch stands for quality, reliability, customer retention and innovation. We work on the implementation of your projects with state-of-the-art technology, process optimisation and an extensive quality management. 

Here, customer retention always comes first and is the key to corporate success.


Christian Schach

Christian Schach
Chief Executive Director
Tel.: +49 7195-97705-0

Michael Pankratz

Michael Pankratz
Chief Executive Director
Tel.: +49 7195-97705-0

Jana Schach

Jana Schach
Head of Procurement
Tel.: +49 7195-97705-0

Carina Pankratz

Carina Pankratz
Head of Sales
Tel.: +49 7195-97705-0

Anita Proksch

Anita Proksch
Tel.: +49 7195-97705-0

Sales Manager

Matthias Schertl
+49 7195 97705-0


Gerd Handerer
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Andrea Koss
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Stephanie Bücheler
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Marina Tunali
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Gaetano Mos
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Monica Schneider
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Mathias Bölle
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Quality Control

Vico Schwab
+49 7195 97705-0
Mario Bastian
+49 7195 97705-0
Sven Bräuninger
+49 7195 97705-0

Work Preparation

Nadine Benzler
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Inga Kontermann
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Sabine Penopp
+49 7195 97705-0

Human Resources

Jeannette Schulze
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Management Assistant

Laura Guckes
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Ann-Christine Winter
+49 7195 97705-0

Progress alone is no achievement yet.
It depends on the direction.

Bernd Proksch
Company founder
08.08.1951 – 26.01.2013


30-Year anniversary
We are celebrating! With the motto hashtags #design #future #together we are celebrating three decades of satisfied customers and working partnerships. Great thanks go to our customers and partners for the successful and trusting cooperation.

Digitalisation project
In order to guarantee and to optimise the real-time capability of our processes, we are converting our processes to entirely digitalised handling. The focal point is on increasing networking and integration with our partners and customers in the supply chain.


Conversion and expansion
We are growing and growing. In order to optimise our processes and to guarantee frictionless flow of goods for our customers, we are expanding our own logistics area further. As a result, we can react even better and offer faster delivery of goods to our customers.


New pressure test bench
In order to improve and develop new products, we now have our own pressure test bench. This means we are now able to cover customer-specific requirements and wishes, as well as our own projects more efficiently and flexibly. Interested? We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry.


Company handover to the next generation
Anita Proksch hands over the company to her two daughters Jana Schach and Carina Pankratz. The sons-in-law Michael Pankratz and Christian Schach take over the management


25 years of Armaturen Proksch GmbH
The company celebrates its 25th anniversary and is happy to have been an innovative and reliable partner for customers and suppliers for 25 years


Barcode scanner
Since the beginning of the year we have been using barcode scanners throughout our logistics department


Michael’s entry
The son-in-law Michael "MBA" enters the company and takes over important tasks in the area of organisation and process development


Bernd Proksch
In January the company founder Bernd Proksch dies unexpectedly at the age of 61 years. He leaves behind a constantly growing company with 35 employees. The company AP Armaturen Proksch GmbH will now continue business in the sense of the company founder by his wife Ms Anita Proksch and the two daughters


Video measurement system
We focus on quality – from the beginning we attach great importance to a very high quality standard, which we fulfill by using a video measurement system


Christian’s entry
The son-in-law Christian "graduate engineer” enters the company and takes over important tasks in the area of technology and development


After continuous growth, the company moves to today’s headquarters in Schwaikheim. In the meantime we have grown to a reliable company business with 20 employees


Jana’s entry
The daughter Jana "MBA" joins the company and takes over important tasks in the purchasing department


Carina’s entry
The daughter Carina "financial assistant” joins the company and takes over important tasks in the sales department


Corporate transformation
The company is transformed in a limited company – the new company name is "AP Armaturen Proksch GmbH"


ISO 9001
Certified according to ISO 9001


Due to the growth in flow of goods, the company moves into larger premises in the industrial estate of Ameisenbühl in Waiblingen


The company moves to larger premises in the industrial estate of Eisental in Waiblingen


Bernd Proksch and his wife Anita Proksch found the Firma A. Proksch Hydraulik und Pneumatik Zubehör in Waiblingen-Hegnach

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